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Ramana Reddy, Lane Department of CSEE


Here is a list of projects that are currently underway in the Capstone Program of the CSEE Department at West Virginia University. These projects will be continuously refined and showcased in the RANIA House.

  1. A Smart Medication Dispenser that ensures the residents take their medications on time and as directed by the physician.
  2. A Companion Robot that can converse with the resident and provide services such as "reading" a book or report  to a remote Care-Giver any situations that need attention.
  3. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Based Family Interactions and Virtual Travel
  4. A Smart Refrigerator that can order food items automatically as needed
  5. A Smarter Smart-TV that can organize daily events and pictures/videos that come from diverse sources and assist the Resident as needed
  6. A Natural Language Processing system to manage interactions between the Resident and the RANIA system
  7. Tele-Visits to Doctors' Office
  8. A Wi-Fi Based Fall Detection and Reporting System
  9. A Fire Safety System to assist the Resident in case of a fire
  10. A Smart Indoor Herbal Garden that can manage itself
  11. A Smart-Bed that can detect Sleep Patterns for follow-up by a Physician
  12. An Event-Driven Real-Time System that integrates the diverse services provided by the Distributed Sensor Net and the related applications