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Ramana Reddy, Lane Department of CSEE


West Virginia University

WVU Statler College of Engineering

Prof. Ramana Reddy, Director
Prof. Powsiri Klinkhachorn
Dr. Sumitra Reddy
Prof. Ed Sneckenberger

RANIA Lab Students
Ph.D. Students
Emily Francis

MS Students
Garrett Owens

Andrew Sarver
Emma Cupec

WVU School of Social Work

Prof. Deana Morrow
Prof. Kristina Hash

WVU Department of Psychology

Prof. Julie Patrick

WVU Davis College

Gloria S. Oporto-Velasquez

External Participants

Dr. Suresh Kulkarni - Rocket Scientist and Member of the Board of Directors of a Community Hospital

Diane McLaren Kulkarni - A Perfect Home to Age-in-Place - An Experiential Perspective

Dr. Layth Sliman - EFREI School of Engineering, Paris ; Ocular Guided Robotized Wheel Chair

The Village at Heritage Point

This is a retirement community near the Evansdale Campus of West Virginia University that provides different levels of assistance to its residents based on their needs. We have created a focus group of residents, who agreed to provide real-world feedback on the various projects. This feedback will be used to design the various applications and ensure their real-world relevancy.